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Mark Cuban

Dream Big!
By Bi Yu

If you can believe it you can achieve it! 

As children our dreams and imaginations are strong and vivid.  With the world at our fingertips we don’t believe there is anything that can stop us from achieving greatness.  After all, we start out on this earth unable to walk or speak; yet we are perfect beings of unlimited potential. 

Jim Harbaugh

Great leaders make great decisions
By Bi Yu

9/21/13 - Coach Jim Harbaugh brought led the San Francisco Forth Niners to the Super Bowl in his second year as a NFL head coach. Although he lost to his brother Jon Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens he has set the goals high for the upcoming season.

Mark Cuban

Know yourself to create your life path
By Bi Yu

9/15/13 - We are all united on planet earth as separate individuals who are part of families, groups and communities. Yet we all have a distinct identity that is related to our family traditions and the culture and environments we've lived in. As individuals we are formed by nature and nurture.


Damian Lillard

HU: Spears carved career path early
By Kim Caldwell

Marc Spears NBA Sportswriter for Yahoo! uses the Bay Area as his lauching pad as he covers the league. We caught up with him pre-season to learn how his career aspirations manifested.

Damian Lillard

HU: Aldridge stays current after 25 years
By Brenden Anderson

David Aldridge has been staying next to the players and keeping up with the times.

Damian Lillard

TDU: Raiders Jacoby Ford Believes to achieve
By Bi Yu

Oakland Raiders receiver Jacoby Ford is still getting working towards his 2011 outbreak season after missing all of 2012. At 5'10" he has a heart of a lion out on the field. In his forth year for the Raiders he hopes to contrubute towards a playoff birth.

Damian Lillard

HU: NBA Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard
By Brenden Anderson

Empower U. caught up with the 2013 NBA Rookie of the Year Damian Lilliard. The Oakland native averaged 19 points, 6.5 assists and 3 rebounds a game after being picked 6th in thedraft by the Portland Trailblazers. He talked about how Oakland helped shaped him and how student-athletes should prioritize "student" first.


Ellis hit buzzer beater to cool Blazers
By Alanah Anderson

Portland   12/7/13 -- It was a west coast shoot out with the Dallas Mavericks victorious over the Portland Trailblazers 108-106.  Blazers stand-out guard Damian Lillard hit a desperation three to tie the game at 106 after they got a steal of the inbounds.  Monta Ellis who touched it last on the play, made up for the turnover with a last second leaner to steal the game on the road.

Lakers Owner Jim BussLeBron to make movie debut this summer
By Monica Guzman

12/5/13 -- LeBron James will break from the hardwood to the big screen to make his movie debut this summer as he co-stars with Kevin Hart in "Ballers". This movie will pit the co-stars in a sibling rivalry around the sport they love, basketball.

Lakers Owner Jim BussKobe Bryant gets $48 million over 2 years
By Alanah Anderson

11/26/13 -- Kobe Bryant, 35, is in his 18th year playing for his only team, the Los Angeles Lakers.  Even know he is coming to the sunset of his career, the Lakers show their appreciation but keeping him the highest player in the NBA. 


Andre Igudala headshot

HU: Rockets look to be the jewel of Texas

7/10/13 - The Houston Rockets have been retooling over the past two year. They are hoping their new roster will make them the pride of Texas.



Children learn life skills young
Michigan State U. 11/23/13

Mentally strong people: The 13 things they avoid
Forbes.com 11/20/13

Capitol OneFiscal U teaches financial skills to student-athletes
3BLMedia.com 11/18/13

Student athletes taught life skills outside classroom
PortageLife.com 11/18/13












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